Event #2
T.K.P.L. Rules
TKPL Blind Structure

There has been some buzz about the possibility of sending the winner of this upcoming season of the Tom Kat Poker League to Las Vegas to play in the next World Series Of Poker Main Event.

For those who have not played with us before, this season we have made some major changes to the league which we hope will increase the turn out for the Texas Hold'em Tournaments during the season.

At all T.K.P.L. events, we have a $5 add on for $1,000 in chips and that money is rake free and added to the T.K.P.L. Main Event purse. 

At the Main Event this season, we are anticipating around 40 players participating and approximately $7,500 in the Main Event purse.

As with every previous Main Event, we pay out the final 10 spots with 10th place taking home $200 and first place taking home approx $2,000. 


What is being discussed is adding $5 to the add on which will increase the Main Event purse to approximately $14,000.

With around 40 players qualifing for the Main Event, everyone who has a seat will have the opportunity to win the FULL PAID ENTRY into the Main Event at the World Series of Poker along with travel expenses!!!

We will also pay out cash for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

The final 15 will also be eligible to a portion of the winnings that the W.S.O.P. participant wins!!!

To qualify for a seat into this event, all you have to do is play in just 10 tournaments over the 18 tournament season. It is that easy. 

What do you think???



Would you like to play for a entry into next years W.S.O.P. main event?

Tom Kat Poker League 

Season 8


The St. Patricks Festival will be hosting 4 days of Texas Hold'em starting on Thursday, Aug 4th and finishing with Event #1 of the Tom Kat Poker League on Sunday, August 7th.

Below are a list of the actvities along with pre-registeration for each ne to help the staff prepare for each event.

Keep in mind that this years poker events will all take place in the basement hall of the church. 


Thursday, August 4th

$1-$2 No limit cash games starting at 6:00pm


Friday, August 5th

Tournament starts at 6:00pm!

$50 buy in Texas Hold'em Tournament with 20% rake!!!

10,000 starting chips and 25 minute blinds.

Seating is limited to the first 64 players. 

To reserve your seat for Fridays event, pre-register right here. 


Your name here:

  1. Steve Gearhart
  2. Vera
  3. Bill Hart
  4. Rick
  5. Dan LaRocca
  6. Terry Lunder
  7. Katie
  8. Jason G.
  9. Sherry Barto



Saturday, Aug 6th

Tournament starts at 2:00pm.

$100 Buy in Texas Hold'em Tournament with 20% Rake!!!

10,000 starting chips and 25 minute blinds. 

Seating is limited to the first 80 players. 

To reserve your seat for Saturday's tournament, please pre-register right here. 

Your name here:

  1. Steve Gearhart
  2. Jason G.
  3. The Miz


T.K.P.L. Event #1



The Kick Off Classic

Sunday, August 7th 

Doors open at 11:00am for $1-$2 No Limit Cash Games

Tournament starts at 12:00!!

$65 buy in, 20% rake. 

10,000 starting chips and 20 minute T.K.P.L. Blinds

Seating limited to 132 players

To reserve your seat for the T.K.P.L. event, please pre-register here: 


Your name here:

  1. Tod Newman
  2. Richard Cross
  3. Joe Mudd
  4. Vickie G.
  5. Jon Rose
  6. Steve Gearhart
  7. Will Smith
  8. Jack Savage
  9. Paul Simon
  10. Rocco Sabino
  11. Tony Sabino
  12. Susan Siciliano
  13. Dale Siciliano
  14. Ted C.
  15. Ben T.
  16. Vera
  17. Patty H.
  18. Tony Flasco
  19. The Miz
  20. Gergel
  21. Lance
  22. Bob Murphy
  23. Wilkie
  24. Ryan Ashman
  25. Joe Beeson
  26. Carrie Bair
  27. Rich Suarez
  28. Jeff Totin
  29. Gary Bennett
  30. Freeman
  31. Linda T.
  32. Larry Rosen
  33. Ryan B.
  34. Don Haas
  35. Dan LaRocco
  36. Tony Balista
  37. Ron Ziegler
  38. Geo Popovich
  39. Tony Thomas
  40. Sean Cox
  41. Caroline Cox
  42. Ray Cox
  43. Chad Krenn
  44. E. R.
  45. Tommy D.
  46. Bill Kerr
  47. Terry Lunder
  48. Katie (Terry Lunder)
  49. Fred A.
  50. Jason G.
  51. Joe Z.
  52. Sherry Barto
  53. Salty "M-F'r" Dog
  54. Storm
  55. Bob Goske


For years, we have relied only on our web site and word of mouth to get new players into our league, but with new members of the TKPL staff also comes a new approach and we are branching out to social media as well.

If you have a facebook account, please "Like" our facebook page and "join" our events and share our posts to spread the word as much as possible. 

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