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Next up on the Tom Kat Poker League... 

Event #13

16th Annual Super Bowl Of Poker


We have 14 seats remaining for the Super Bowl Of Poker. Any open spots from no shows will be filled based on first come first serve. A list will be available at the door the day of the tournament to get in.



As most of you know, The Super Bowl of Poker is what started this entire league many years ago and we try to make this event as fun as possible.

The doors will open at 10:00am for the Superbowl of Poker cash game raffle. Your earn raffle tickets every half hour just for playing in the cash game.

Buy in before 10:30 and earn 5 tickets every half hour you play. Buy in after 10:30 and earn 1 ticket every half hour.

The first hand of the day will have 20 tickets in the pot for the winner and the dealer will splash the pot every half hour with 5 tickets as well.

The raffle will be drawn at 1:00 and the winner receives a free entry into the Super Bowl of Poker!!!

As everyone knows, this event is a DOUBLE ENTRY tournament! Those who are playing for a seat at the Grand Finale and a shot at the World Series of Poker will get credit for 2 tournaments! 

To also celebrate this event, we will give everyone who pre-registers by Sunday, Jan 21st an extra $500 chip in their starting stack!!!

This event has a 19% rake which is the lowest rake tournament of the entire season!!! 

The Gift Of Love Foundation will be providing great food and drinks free to all players!!!

Oh, and one more thing, this event is a deep stack tourney with a starting count of $20,000 in chips!!! 

So please spread the word and help make this event the biggest of the year!!! 

And make sure you get pre-registered below by Sunday, Jan 21st for the $500 bonus chip!




When: Sunday, Jan 28th Doors open at 10:00 for Cash Game Raffle, Tournament starts at 2:00!


Where: Struthers Amvets. 305 Elm St. Struthers OH


Details: $90 ($80+$10)total buy in. 19% rake. $20,000 ($18k + $2k) in total starting chips. 


Misc: Free Food and Drinks as always. NFL Super bowl block polls, 50-50 raffle, and more! 

To get pre-registered for this event, enter your name in the box below and we will update our list manually! 


Your name here:

  1. Steve Gearhart
  2. Tom Horton
  3. Ryan Ashman
  4. Dale Siciliano
  5. Jack Womer
  6. Brian LaRosa
  7. Tony Thomas
  8. Dan LaRocca
  9. Lisa Burkhart
  10. Ben T.
  11. Tony Balista
  12. Gerg
  13. Alton Crothers
  14. Tom Bacon
  15. Freeman
  16. J.T. Myers
  17. Jeff Greene
  18. Jeff M.
  19. Jim Nestor
  20. Joe Mudd
  21. Vickie G.
  22. Johnny Hold'em
  23. Shoe
  24. Paul Simon
  25. Tony Sabino
  26. Rocco Sabino
  27. Sherry Barto
  28. Turtle Tom
  29. Chip
  30. Tim Barr
  31. Tod N.
  32. Dennis Scullion
  33. Jim Brandon
  34. Wayne Crump
  35. Terry Lunder
  36. Larry Taylor
  37. Ax
  38. Tim Horton
  39. Patty Holecko
  40. Neal Rodemoyer
  41. Wilkie
  42. Pepsi Mike
  43. Pepsi Eric
  44. Ray Cox
  45. Caroline Cox
  46. Sean Cox
  47. Don Haas
  48. Tommy D.
  49. Larry Norton
  50. Pat Celli
  51. J Neo III
  52. Jim Whippo
  53. Ryan Banfield
  54. Jimmy N.
  55. Murph
  56. Chris Rico
  57. DeCosta Baptiste
  58. Butch Liggett
  59. Mickey
  60. Zane Soffos
  61. Randy Maybe
  62. Lenny The Legend
  63. Ron Thurman
  64. Tom Sarra
  65. Chrissy W.
  66. Mike Skaleris
  67. Tony Flasco
  68. Bob Guzman
  69. Doug Hivner
  70. V.O.
  71. The Miz
  72. Charlie Gider
  73. Tim Loudon
  74. Josh Culler
  75. Sean Cleary
  76. Joe Z.
  77. E.R.
  78. Mike Darkest*
  79. Chuck D.
  80. Bill Hart
  81. Susie Thomas
  82. Val B.
  83. Tim Horton
  84. Bob Fry
  85. Tom Lipka


If you are new to the Tom Kat Poker League, this is what we do......

We put together a POKER LEAGUE that consists of 18 tournaments that are stretched out over an 8 month period.

Our tournaments have affordable buy in's ranging from $60 to $90 and are also VERY player friendly with great blind levels to allow the players to play the game.

Every tournament has cash games before and during the tournament that are open to anyone and free food and drinks are ALWAYS provided at every tournament.


Last year, we made a change to our league that has created a lot of buzz.

To increase the participation at the tournaments, we kept a list of every person who played and did the $10 Add On for the bonus $1,000 in chip at each tournament.

Anyone who played in 10 tournaments or more got a seat in the Tom Kat Poker League Grand Finale tournament at the end of the season.

That is all it takes to get into our Grand Finale!!!

No upfront fee's!!!  

No finding someone to fill in for you!!!

No keeping track of points!!! 


Just play in 10 of our 18 tournaments throughout the season and you are in the Grand Finale!!! 

The winner of the Grand Finale gets an All Expense Paid Entry into the $10,000 Main Event in the World Series of Poker!!! 



I apologize for taking the link to the message board down, just click this link to get in!!! 

Tom Kat Poker Message Board