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The King of Tournament Poker

Doors open at the VFW Hall at 11:00 for cash games.

Food/Drinks will be provided and is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

The satellites will start at 12:00 sharp. 

We guess that the 1st/2nd satellite will take longer and should take about 5 1/2 hours and the Championship game should start at 5:30.

We will not start the Main Event until both satellites are completed. 

The payouts for the Tom Kat Poker League Championship table will go as follows:

10th: $400

9th:   $450 

8th:   $500 

7th:   $550

6th:   $600

5th:   $650

4th:   $700

3rd:   $800

2nd:  $1,350

Champion: $2,000!!!


The top 8 and starting chips for the Championship table are as follows:

1st: Paul Simon $13,000

2nd: Tom Lipka $12,700

3rd: Dale Siciliano $12,400

4th: Don Haas $12,100

5th: Strimp $11,800

6th: Sean Cox $11,500

7th: Rocco Sabino $11,200

8th: Tom Findlay $10,900

9th: NEXT 9 Winner $10,600

10th: 1st/2nd Winner $10,600 

The NEXT 9 Satellite was so close that only 2 points seperated the last man in (Turtle Tom) to Tom Bacon. Rich Pastura was 4 points away and Season 4 TKPL winner Forrest Adams missed it by 5.

The Next 9 are as follows:

1. Dennis Scullion

2. Joe Mudd

3. Tony Sabino

4. Bob Murphy

5. Fred A.

6. Freeman

7. Tony Flasco

8. Ron Zeigler

9. Turtle Tom


The winner of the Wild Card Reverse Raffle with only 6 entries and the 10th seat in the NEXT 9 tournament was none other than Mike "Storm" Sandusky

The 1st/2nd Satellite had no last minute entry for the Masters tournament because Dennis Scullion is already in the NEXT 9 and Jaybe only played in 4 tournaments.

This Satellite consist of 19 players and will have 2 tables. They are:

1. Pepsi Mike

2. Larry Norton

3. Tom Sarra Jr.

4. Tony Thomas

5. Ray Cox

6. Dragonfly

7. Tony Balista

8. Ryan Ashman

9. Wilkie

10. Mark Greene

11. Joe Z.

12. Rich Pastura

13. Vickie G.

14. Bob Goske

15. Tod Newman

16. Tom Bacon

17. The Shoe

18. Brian Adamson

19. Tom Kat 

So here are the details for the Satellites and League Championship.

WHEN: Sunday, March 29th.  Doors open at 11:00 for cash games, both Satellites will start at High Noon sharp! League Championship will start at approx 5:30!

Free food and drinks are available to ANYONE who wants to come watch the action or play in the cash games!!!

WHERE: Hubbard VFW 710 West Liberty St. Hubbard OH (Do Not Park in front of the VFW!) 

DETAILS: If you can't attend for any reason, your are permitted to get a replacement. You can not switch players during the tournament and we can blind you out if you will be late. 

The winner of the NEXT 9 Satellite will advance to the League Championship Table. 2nd place wins $200.

The winner of the 1st/2nd Satellite will advance to the League Championship Table. 2nd place wins $200, 3rd place $100.

$75 will go towards the food and drinks.

The League Championship Final Table payout will be $8,000!!! 

As with every year, we will put together a payout option unless the entire table agrees to a different option. 

If you have any questions, please email up at 



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