Miss Karen Poker
T.K.P.L. Rules
TKPL Blind Structure

Miss Karen is a teacher at CCW Academy in Cambell and she is currently undergoing chemo.

To help her and her family out in this difficult time, we will be hosting a Texas Hold'em tournament with all proceeds going to help offset the medical expenses.

She means so much to the CCW family and many others so please join us for a fun evening for a wonderful cause.

There will be a basket raffle.  Basket contents are listed below.  Tickets are 6 for $5 or 15 for $10.  Baskets winners will be pulled after the first break (5-5:30pm).

Basket #1 The Men's Basket valued over $150! Contains:
��TKPL Gift Certificate to the Kick Off Classic
��Hairy Beast Shave Gel
��Calm the Beast Aftershave
��Stud Stick...

��Man Balm
��Portlandia Body Butter
��Detox Dust Bath Salt
��Gender Bender Chunk
��Gender Bender Body Wash
��Hunk Chunk


Basket #2 is The Women's Basket valued over $150, Perfect for Mother's Day!
▫️$30 Sephora Gift Card
▪️AMAAAZING Bath Bombs
▫️Bubble Up Bath Effect
▪️Love & Chocolate Stripper Body Mask...

▫️Santa Monica Smooth Lip Balm
▪️Life's a Dream, PoshyMallow Bubble Bath
▫️Daily Grind Body Scrub
▪️Good Vibes Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream
▫️Strawberry Fields Forever Bath Chunk
▪️Make up Bag filled with samples


Basket #3 The Lottery Basket!
��1 $20 ticket
��4 $10 tickets
��4 $5 tickets
��2 $3 tickets...

��2 $2 tickets
��10 $1 tickets



 Miss Karen's Fundraiser Tournament

When: Sunday, May 1st. Doors open at 11:00am for cash games, tournament starts at 2:00.


Where: Youngstown AmVets 305 Elm St. Struthers OH


Details: $60 buy in. No Rebuys or add ons. 25% rake.

10,000 in starting chips.


Misc: Free food and drinks, 50/50 raffle, POSH basket Raffle, lottery basket raffle and more.

To Pre-register for this event, put your name in the box below and we will add your name to the list shortly.


Your name here:

  1. Carrie Bair
  2. Dan Larocca
  3. Josh Prest
  4. Terry Lunder
  5. Pepsi Mike
  6. The Miz
  7. Sherry Barto
  8. Ariana McMasters
  9. Salty
  10. Mark Greene
  11. Freeman
  12. Forrest
  13. Gergel
  14. Joe Mudd
  15. Vickie G.
  16. Tina Stafford
  17. Tony Flasco
  18. Jimmy Huprich
  19. Wendy
  20. Anna H.
  21. Bill Hart
  22. Tony Balista
  23. Storm
  24. Strimp
  25. Tom Turtle
  26. Sean Cox
  27. Caroline Cox
  28. Ray Cox
  29. Jason Cosa
  30. Patty H.
  31. Jack Savage
  32. Trisha
  33. Sarah Ryser
  34. Steve Gearhart
  35. Dennis Scullion
  36. Rick Suarez
  37. Cindy Hupp
  38. Baker
  39. Bill Nagy
  40. Lynne Nagy
  41. Harry Cooper
  42. Maria Svinos
  43. Laura Snitzer
  44. Bob Giovanni
  45. Maria Haas
  46. Tony Sabino
  47. Rocco Sabino
  48. Jim Mclaughlin 
  49. Wilkie
  50. Murph
  51. LaChille
  52. Paul Simon
  53. Pepsi Eric
  54. Bob Kibler
  55. Bernie Petro
  56. Jessica Williams
  57. Michael Cutrone
  58. Buddy
  59. Katina Stamos
  60. Tom Bacon
  61. Monica Tedesco
  62. Roger Bartscher


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