Tournament #2
2017-18 Schedule
TKPL Blind Structure
T.K.P.L. Rules

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Tom Kat Poker League

Event #1: Kick Off Classic 

When: Sunday Aug 6th. Doors open at 11:00 for cash game raffle. Tournament starts at 2:00!
Where: 4493 Warren Sharon Rd. Vienna OH 44473
Details: $70 total buy in. ($60+$10 TKPL Add on) 25% rake. $10,000 total starting chips.
Standard TKPL blinds. $10 rake free add on at first break for $5,000 in chips.
Misc: As always, FREE food and drinks available, 50-50 raffle, 
Pre Reg Free First Break Raffle will be pulled at the start of the tournament. 

Cash game raffle will start at 11:00.
Buy in and play before 11:30 and receive 5 entries every half hour. 
Buy in and play after 11:30 and receive 1 entry every half hour.
Raffle will be pulled at 1:00 and the winner receives a free entry into the tournament. ($60 value)
Pre-register bonus:   If you pre-register for this event no later than noon on Friday, Aug 4th, you will be entered into the Pre-Reg Raffle and we will pull one name before the start of the tournament and if that person is present AND makes it to the first break, they will receive a FREE add on at the break ($10 value)
To pre-register for this event, fill out the simple form below and we will add the names as they come in.  

Your name here:

  1. Tom Horton
  2. Tony Balista
  3. Terry Lunder
  4. Joe Mudd
  5. Vickie G.
  6. Tony Thomas
  7. Sherry Barto
  8. Rocco Sabino
  9. Tony Sabino
  10. Lisa Burkhart
  11. Brian LaRosa
  12. Jask Savage
  13. Dale Siciliano
  14. Jack Womer
  15. Dan LaRocca
  16. Tod Newman
  17. Johnny Hold'em
  18. Ben T.
  19. Rick Nash
  20. Lenny "The Legend"
  21. Tom Bacon
  22. Matty Sayers
  23. Mark Greene
  24. Turtle Tom
  25. Tim Eardley
  26. Bill Hart
  27. Butch Pyatt
  28. Larry Norton
  29. Tony Flasco

If you are new to the Tom Kat Poker League, this is what we do......

We put together a POKER LEAGUE that consists of 18 tournaments that are stretched out over an 8 month period.

Our tournaments have affordable buy in's ranging from $60 to $90 and are also VERY player friendly with great blind levels to allow the players to play the game.

Every tournament has cash games before and during the tournament that are open to anyone and free food and drinks are ALWAYS provided at every tournament.


Last year, we made a change to our league that has created a lot of buzz.

To increase the participation at the tournaments, we kept a list of every person who played and did the $10 Add On for the bonus $1,000 in chip at each tournament.

Anyone who played in 10 tournaments or more got a seat in the Tom Kat Poker League Grand Finale tournament at the end of the season.

That is all it takes to get into our Grand Finale!!!

No upfront fee's!!!  

No finding someone to fill in for you!!!

No keeping track of points!!! 


Just play in 10 of our 18 tournaments throughout the season and you are in the Grand Finale!!! 

The winner of the Grand Finale gets an All Expense Paid Entry into the $10,000 Main Event in the World Series of Poker!!! 


Last season, 54 players played in 10 or more and the Grand Finale was played at the Hubbard Lions Club.

Tom Sarra Jr. won the tournament and will be representing the Tom Kat Poker League on July 9th in the Main Event.


We will be starting the next season of the Tom Kat Poker League in August of 2017. We are currently working on the schedule and it will be posted ASAP!

So save this web site in your favorites and please help spread the word about the easiest and cheapest opportunity you will ever get to play for a seat in the Main Event at the World Series of Poker! 



I apologize for taking the link to the message board down, just click this link to get in!!! 

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