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Next up on the T.K.P.L.:

Event #6 The Drawing Dead Tournament



When: Sunday, Oct 5th Doors open at 11:00am for cash game, tournament starts at 2:00.


Where: Girard American Legion Hall 11 High St. Girard Oh

(Entrance on Main St. next to Girard Police Station) 

Details: $70 buy in. No Rebuys. 25% rake.

Please pre-register below if you intend to make it. 


9,000 starting chips. Standard 25 minute TKPL blind structure.

1,000 TKPL add on.


As always, free food, drinks and coffee.

Live cash games from 11:00am to 11:00pm

Any questions call Joe Castor at 33-984-6486 




Your name here:

  1. Mrs Kat
  2. Audra Horton
  3. Tom Horton
  4. Tom Kat
  5. Storm
  6. Murph
  7. Wilkie
  8. Turtle Tom
  9. Tony Thomas
  10. Keith C.
  11. Salty
  12. Strimp
  13. Steve Gearhart
  14. Big Doug
  15. Skynner
  16. Vickie
  17. Joe Muddddd
  18. Tom Bacon
  19. Warren Black
  20. Gergel
  21. Tony Flasco
  22. Dale Siciliano
  23. Patty H.
  24. Tony Balista
  25. Ron Ziegler
  26. Forrest



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