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The King of Tournament Poker

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They are here!!!!!

The all new "King of Tournament Poker" t-shirts have arrived. They will be on sale next Sunday at the Kick-Off Classic.

The St. Pat's Festival just introduced a "Triple Play" promotion. They will be giving away a TKPL t-shirt to the first 10 people who register and play in all 3 tournaments next weekend.

 We are less than 2 weeks away from the start of Season 6 of the Tom Kat Poker League.

As usual, our first tournament of the season is known as The Kick-Off Classic and will be held Sunday, August 3rd at the St. Pat's Festival.

If you have never played at this venue, you can use the map below and print out driving directions. 

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This year, the St. Pat's festival will be running a tournament on Friday and Saturday as well as the TKPL event on Sunday

Here are the details for the 4 day festival:

ThursdayJuly 31st: 1-2 NL cash games starting at 6:00

Friday, August 1st: $40 buy in tournament. 23% rake. Tournament starts at 6:00 and is limited to 64 players.

To reserve your seat for the Friday tournament, enter your name in the box below and I will manually update the list throughout the week. 

Your name here:

  1. Hasson
  2. Freeman
  3. Bill Bross
  4. Susan Siciliano
  5. Pepsi Mike
  6. Patty H.
  7. King Mike
  8. Dan LaRocca
  9. Steve Gearhart
  10. Rob H.
  11. Brian Santiago
  12. Sean Cox
  13. Caroline Cox


Saturday, August 2nd: $50 buy in Tournament. 25% rake. 

Tournament begins at 3:00 and is limited to the first 80 players.

To reserve your seat in this event, enter your name below and I will add your name to the list manually. 

Your name here:

  1. Hasson
  2. Freeman
  3. Dale Siciliano
  4. Susan Siciliano
  5. Patty H.
  6. Sherry Barto
  7. Dan LaRocca
  8. Steve Gearhart
  9. Brian Santiago
  10. Sean Cox
  11. Caroline Cox


Sunday, August 3rd: The Tom Kat Poker League Kick-Off Classic


Doors open at 11:00 for cash game. Tournament starts at noon.

$65 buy in. No rebuys or add on's. 83% payout.

Paying top 10% of the field. 

To reserve your seat for this event, enter your name below and I will add you to the list manually. 


Your name here:

  1. Tom Haas
  2. Freeman 
  3. Craig Miles
  4. Nancy
  5. Marta
  6. Alec Higham
  7. Turtle Tom
  8. Sherry Barto
  9. Jeromy Weaver
  10. Tony Balista
  11. Ryan Ashman
  12. Vera Simon
  13. Paul Simon
  14. Terry Lunder
  15. Jim Baker
  16. Maria T.
  17. Patty H.
  18. Josh Prest
  19. Chad Krenn
  20. Hasson
  21. Vickie
  22. Joe Mudd
  23. Tony Flasco
  24. Salty
  25. Jack Savage
  26. Joe Z.
  27. Jason Galchick
  28. Dale Siciliano
  29. Brian Z.
  30. Pepsi Eric
  31. Brian Adamson
  32. Fred Mootz
  33. Carrie Bair
  34. Forrest Adams
  35. Bill Hart
  36. Bat Man
  37. Robin
  38. Gergel
  39. Ron Zeigler
  40. Rick Suarez
  41. Chas Biera
  42. Lisa Burkhart
  43. Bob Goske
  44. Ted C.
  45. Pepsi Mike
  46. Bill Bross
  47. Tony Thomas
  48. Rocco Sabino
  49. Tony Sabino
  50. Joe Beeson
  51. Mike Milhoan
  52. Ron Serich
  53. Dan H.
  54. Steve Gearhart
  55. Legend
  56. Chuck D.
  57. Brian Santiago
  58. Tom D.
  59. Wilkie
  60. Pushy Puss
  61. Sean Cox
  62. Joe P.
  63. Larry Rosen
  64. Joe R.
  65. Ray Cox
  66. Strimp

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Tom Kat Poker League

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